A Judge for ALL People.

Everyday District Court Judges make decisions that have profound effects on the lives of ordinary people.  

District Court Judges decide whether a parent has abused or neglected his child; whether a young person charged with a crime will be moved to a youth detention center or remain in her community; whether the child of divorcing parents should move across the country with his parent who just got a new job; whether a spouse or intimate partner has been abused in his or her home; whether a loved one living with severe mental illness should remain in confined treatment; and whether a person charged with a crime is guilty or innocent.   These decisions are life-changing events for every person affected by them.

For the last 14 consecutive years, I have faced these events at the sides of men, women and children from every walk of life, and I have seen the emotional, physical, and financial effects that the decisions and processes of the court have had people and their extended families.

I want to be your next district court judge in Chatham and Orange Counties because I want to help ALL people going through these important and life events by being a judge who understands what is at stake for every person in the courtroom and at home.

 I will be a judge who not only treats people fairly, equitably, and consistently, but also a judge who hears and sees each person appearing in court with an understanding of the stress, sacrifices, and life-changing effects that court decisions often inflict on the lives of people.  

On November 8, 2016, please vote for Samantha Cabe for District Court Judge in Chatham and Orange Counties! 


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